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Title: TMTO[dot]ORG: Harware Comparison - 8 x GTX580 vs. 4 x HD6990
Author: Jason R. Davis
Published Date: May. 11th, 2011

There has been an emerging class of software making its way into the toolboxes of security auditors and hackers alike - GPU based (OpenCL or CUDA) brute force applications. GPU based brute forcing is an amazing leap forward in raw speed. I naturally took some serious interest in this because the Epiphany portion of TMTO[dot]ORG is driven by GPU based brute forcing. There were many obstacles that had to be overcome, but the benefits outweighed them. This article is focused on a specific application that has shown much promise and continues to quickly progress with new features and bug fixes. This program is oclHashcat ( I'm not going to get into the semantics of how the program works, it's a GPU accelerated brute force utility. I'm using the "lite" version for the benchmarks as you will later see.

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Title: TMTO[dot]ORG: Building Integer Based TMTO Tables
Author: Jason R. Davis
Published Date: Dec. 19th, 2010

The process of building TMTO tables has often been a treacherous one. The primary evolution of the concept is to reduce the amount of space the tables consume - as a key space increases so do the memory requirements. We all want larger tables and that is a fact. There are many different ways to build a TMTO table, but this article goes into detail how they are generated on TMTO[dot]ORG. I haven't officially released any code or an application, because that's not really my role as a researcher. I'll leave that to the programmers. However, I am releasing the concept into the public domain for future application of others.

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